Another DAM eBook version 1.0 no longer available

If you wanted a copy of the Another DAM eBook version 1.0, you are too late. It is no longer available. If you are one of the many to have already downloaded a copy, you were one of the lucky ones.

Now for the good news…

During the Summer/Fall of 2013, I am working on a new version of Another DAM ebook which will include 4 years of Another DAM blog compiled into an eBook format.

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What about this other eBook I heard was funded on Kickstarter?

If you supported Another DAM podcast Transcribed, this will be released in August 2013. This will be a very limited release to backers/sponsors of this project only (unless they decide to share it with other people).

Want more content now?

I recommend listening to Another DAM podcast which has over 125 podcast episodes, including over 85 featured interviews of DAM professionals. Transcripts of each podcast will begin to be released in September 2013.


Henrik de Gyor


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